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Joshua Lee is a trainer in the wholistic property market. By training on 3 main parties in the property market: Developers | Banks | Investors, Joshua Lee helps them to close the gap, collaborate and do business together.

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Do you like the idea of having fun while learning?

All our programmes are run with experiential learning, through games and activities. Games and activities reveal true behaviour of participants. We can accurately identify true behaviour and blind spots of participants, helping them to overcome their weakness to become better.

Brain Wong

Joshua is a trainer whose has been in the game for a long time. He clearly knows what he is talking about the property investment.

Brain Wong


Joshua’s course is good. I recommend to everyone because it shortcuts the process in understanding the fundamentals of property investment.


Albert Tan

I own 2 properties under my name and the reason i come for this course is because I want to learn from Joshua how to expand my property portfolio.

Albert Tan

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