Corporate Programme


Do you like the idea of having fun while learning?

All our programmes are run with experiential learning, through games and activities. Games and activities reveal true behaviour of participants. We can accurately identify true behaviour and blind spots of participants, helping them to overcome their weakness to become better.

Corporate Programme

Keynote speaking

Joshua is available for keynote speaking for your event.
Ready Topics.

  1. Using the CHI Triangle to look for property gems
  2. 5 creative strategies to invest in properties
  3. Cashflow is the life line of every Business Owner & Investor
  4. How to breakthrough your 70% loan quota?
  5. Getting your loan 100% pre-approved
  6. Advance topic: The path of a property tycoon

Topics can also be customized to suit your audience. Contact our team for enquiry

Corporate Training

Sales Explosion

Do you want to increase your sales 3x and more? Do you have challenges motivating your sales staff? Do you want to increase your sales productivity? Joshua’s forte is on sales and negotiation, and he will share with your participants his 13 years in sales closing and deal making. One of the key topic learnt will be using the art of asking question to close sales effectively.

Corporate Training

Unleash the Leader in You

This programme is designed for leaders. In the workshop, all the participants will practice being a leader in different games and activities. Participants will also learn the key attributes of an effective leader. Rather than talk about it, you BE the leader in the workshop.

Corporate Training

Strategic Alliance Bootcamp

This program is designed for top management. As an organization grows, it is not uncommon that different unit teams are heading at different direction. Many times, the difference of goals among teams creates a friction within the organization that stops the organization to move effectively in one single direction. This programme allows different unit teams to sit together and build effective communication with each other. Rather than competing, they will collaborate together for organizational goal.

Corporate Training

Present with impact

Public speaking is the no. 1 fear in the world. And presentation is the essential skill to be equipped so that you can sell to many at one time. Do your staffs need to do group presentation often? Do you want to engage the audience effectively, so that your message delivered is impactful? Joshua Lee is an international speaker, where he has presented to a crowd as big as 3000 people. Joshua is also well-experienced in platform closing, where he constantly run property preview workshop to sell his property investing masterclass.

Corporate Training

DISC Personality Profiling

Have you ever wondered how Joshua Lee can connect with people well? The secret lies in how well you understand others when you are interacting with them. One of the effective tool that Joshua uses personally is DISC personality profiling. With more than 10 years of dealing with people, Joshua has mastered the art of DISC personality profiling. Through interacting with people, there are clues that people leave behind. By carefully observing their language, dressing, speaking style, and their physical environment, we get a glance on their personality trait. With DISC personality profiling, you can engage with others more effectively, helping you to close the sales.

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