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Joshua Lee is a trainer in the wholistic property market. By training on 3 main parties in the property market: Developers | Banks | Investors, Joshua Lee helps them to close the gap, collaborate and do business together.

Many have agreed that property market has been stagnant over the past 4 years. While each of the main party has their own interest and challenges, pushing for more profit & lowering down the cost of doing business will not be the solutions anymore. Construction cost is on the rise. Inflation rate is on the rise. Price of goods is on the rise. Pushing for more profit will only make the consumers to stay away from the property market. Lowering down the cost will only make your business going down into the spiral of never-ending price war. How to lower cost when everything else around us is increase in price?

What is the solution then? Education! Base on track-record, property market always profitable over the long run. While Joshua Lee focus on educating investors to invest properties with the right way, and getting their bank loan pre-approved by preparing their income documents accurately; Joshua also help developers and banks to design their products according to what the investors want and capable of investing in. Joshua focus on training developers and banks in the area of sales, leadership and strategic team alliance to achieve maximum efficiency on organizational goal.

Joshua’s Certification
  • Certified Professional Trainer, IPMA (UK)
  • Certified HRDF Trainer
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Neuro-Semantics Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnosis and Time-Lines Practitioner

Empowering people creates sustainable growth and success

Joshua Lee is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT), from the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), UK. Joshua’s forte is on sales and negotiation, where he has trained and helped many sales leaders and sales persons to achieve 3X growth in their sales results.

Joshua has trained many property developers and agencies, to help them to drive better sales results and efficiency. To name a few, Joshua has trained companies like Mah Sing Group Berhad, Seri Pajam Development Sdn Bhd, and Lagenda Erajuta Sdn Bhd. Joshua is also a sought-after speaker at iProperty. He has spoken at iProperty Expo and has also trained more than 100 iProperty agents to drive better sales results.

What makes Joshua unique in this property field? Joshua is a savvy property investor for 8 years. He has owned and invested more than 20 properties. He is a deal maker in the property industry and has helped to close the sales gap between property investors and property developers, agencies.

Joshua was an ex-banker. With 9 years of sales experience in the banking industry, Joshua knows the in and out of the loan financing. As a senior relationship manager, he has successfully helped the bank to bring in 107 new clients, including SMEs, multi-national and listed companies. He has the experience in closing the sales with CEOs, directors, general managers, and finance managers.

Joshua is currently running his own property investors public program, where he has trained and coached more than 100 property investors. He has developed his own investment model, known as the “CHI Triangle”, where the model studies where the population flows to at a specific location. Joshua’s “CHI Triangle” model is also published in iProperty magazine.


From The International Trainer
Mitch Carson

International Trainer, Sales Expert, Author of “The Silent Salesmen”

Mitch Carson is the mentor of Joel Bauer, and Joel Bauer is the mentor of Peng Joon. Joel Bauer was known as the Persuasion Guru, while Peng Joon is Malaysia Internet Marketing Expert.

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All our programmes are run with experiential learning, through games and activities. Games and activities reveal true behaviour of participants. We can accurately identify true behaviour and blind spots of participants, helping them to overcome their weakness to become better.

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