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Do you like the idea of having fun while learning?

All our programmes are run with experiential learning, through games and activities. Games and activities reveal true behaviour of participants. We can accurately identify true behaviour and blind spots of participants, helping them to overcome their weakness to become better.

CHI Triangle

CHI Triangle Cashflow Property Investment

This is Joshua Lee’s signature property investment workshop. In this workshop, Joshua reveal the REAL TRUTH about property investment. Forget about getting yourself into enormous debts and unhealthy fast cash with huge cash back properties, unless you don’t mind to go on the pathway of DYING with massive debt. With Joshua’s years of experience in the banking industry, there is only one true way to financial freedom: property cashflow.

CHI Triangle No-Money-Down Property Mastery

In this workshop, Joshua revealed on how to do a No-Money-Down subsales property that allow you to literally buy a property for FREE. Imagine that you buy a property, after 3 months time, you get all your down payment back into your hand, plus you get additional positive rental back into your bank account every single month. Sounds impossible? Come and master the skill in the workshop, as it requires absolute ACCURACY and the right property law to get it done.

CHI Triangle Ultimate Property Platform

Joshua Lee brings his influence in the property network for the beneficial of investors. Within the close members of CHI Triangle Ultimate Property Platform, investors has access to exclusive bulk property deals with 20%, 30% and even 40% price cut. Investors also have the access to exclusive property solutions that are provided by different business experts to help you manage your properties. Renovation, monthly property management, renting by room, Air B&B, hotel management, and many more! Are you excited to increase your rental ROI and earn true passive income?

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